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Rills and Feature pond - Eastbourne

Its hard to find local specialist for pond work. Thats why we travel around the country so we can proivde our speicalist skill to most places in the UK. We loved our trip out to eastbourne! The issues we found with the current install where as follows;

Rills lose a little water throughout the year.

This is a common issue with concrete rills, evaporation (Especially with the little service area will be minimal.) Keeping a contained area is the only way to treat the blanketweed. Someone else who looked at the job claimed that to attract wildlife you need blanket weed in the rills, this is simply not true. A well-planted rill, even if crystal clear will give an excellent environment for the local wildlife.

The pumps and current system isn’t keeping the rills clear. They also take up a lot of maintenance.

In this proposal we have priced to replace all the units with self- cleaning filters, which will keep the rills clear and easy to maintain. 

With the pond we found these:

Pond is very dirty and needs filtering properlyWe priced for a new low maintenance filter system. Plants are overgrown and need trimming down. Better pump to run central water feature. The central water feature had also disentagrated so we had to install it diffrently. 

So for the rill we did the following;

  • ·  Empty and clean out rill

  • ·  Take up surrounding slabs

  • ·  Underlay and liner rills

  • ·  Take down brick front where filter is and re build to take the outlet of new pipe

  • ·  Fit filter pump and pipe

  • ·  Lay slabs back down around rill

  • ·  Treat ponds

  • ·  Test all equipment 

And for the pond we did the following;

  • ·  Empty and clean out pond

  • ·  Fit filter pump and pipe

  • ·  Take apart water feature and rebuild fitting new pump

  • ·  Treat ponds

  • ·  Test all equipment 


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